Affordable Cheap Dental Insurance

Let talk about dental insurance!

I hear stories each and every day from people who actually have dental insurance are still find themselves unable to afford basic dental care. Many visitors to this site are without insurance and in obvious need of dental care as well, but I have news those visitors ... even if you had dental insurance, you should still prepare to pay lots of money.

Don't misunderstand, even cheap dental insurance will save you LOTS of money but it will not pay for everything. Most plans have relatively low caps on allowable limits in addition to relatively low coverage on basic needs such as roto canals and dental crowns. If you have ever experienced the need for a root canal, you know what I mean. Dentist are unable to preform a root canel without giving you a crown of some type.

Insurance plans vary widely, so you will want to check around. For example, one provider may cover a root canal at 80% and a crown at 50%. In addition, you should carefully look into the allowable maximum coverage per year ... this will vary by plan as well. If you maximum dental coverage is $1500 per year for example and you are faced with $5000 in repairs, you will be faced with owing $3500! Keep in mind, this is if you are insured!:)

All dental insurance plans carry a maximum allowable coverage per year. This is easy to identify and inquire about but don't stop there:) Scratch beneath the surface to better understand all the details. As mentioned above, you will want to know the percentages reimbursed for of all proceedures. In addition, you will want to have a solid understanding of each proceedure ... what's involved with it, what does it entail, how long is it, what is the recovery time.

Do you have a favorite dentist in mind? Check to ensure the dental insurance plan covers your dentist! Not all dentists participate in various plans for various reasons. Dental insurance plans attempt to save themselves money and in effect you. Insurance plan providers negotiate predetermined/approved rates for all types of proceedures ... this is very similar to medical insurance plans. If you walk into a dental office without insurance and ask for a root canel, they may charge you $1000 for example. If you walk into a dental office with insurance and ask for a root canel, they may attempt to charge the insurance company $1000 but they may only received $700 ... why?, because the dental insurance companies have a predetermined rate.

Save Money!

How does a predetermined rate benefit you? Take the example above ... if the insurance company paid the dentist $1000 and you are responsible for 20%, you would pay $200. If the insurance company pays the dentist $700 and you are responsible for 20%, you only pay $140 which saves you $60.

Many of you may say - I can barely afford to put food on my table let alone pay for insurance. I have heard many stories over years and even more so with the current state fo the ecomony. I plan to research AFFORDABLE CHEAP DENTAL INSURANCE companies in coming weeks and will keep you posted on my findings. You might be surprised to know that dental insurance is not too expensive (relatively speaking). If you are facing serious dental issues, consider dental insurance ... check back often for my reviews or send a quick email if you have a question and I will do my best to answer!


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